S.I.G. Surveillance and Investigation Group Pty Ltd offer the following range of investigative services in Queensland and most other states of Australia:


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Preliminary enquiries, pre-surveillance assessments and planning

The key to a successful outcome often comes down to the research and planning carried out prior to the commencement of an investigation.

S.I.G. Surveillance and Investigation Group Pty Ltd have access to various data bases and search facilities. Prior to the commencement of a new matter a number of online and data base searches are conducted in an effort to confirm address particulars and occupancy details.

For a small fee we also offer a pre-surveillance service to our clients whereby we will attend a given address/location and provide an assessment as to the potential for surveillance. In this situation a sketch plan is provided, area photographs are obtained and a detailed summary outlining our recommendations is provided.

This often assists our clients with decision making and working out budgets.

Quality video and photographic evidence
Our company Principals and Investigators have been known for providing quality video and photographic evidence to our clients for many years. By keeping in touch with technology and regularly updating our equipment we are able to continue to provide high quality evidence which can be used in court, passed on to the Police or relevant Authorities depending on the situation.
Workers Compensation, Public Liability, Personal Injury and All insurance related matters

This is an area in which we have extensive experience. Since the inception of our business S.I.G Surveillance and Investigation Group Pty Ltd has been providing surveillance services to self insurers, small and large organisations, various workers compensation, public liability, income protection, disability, CTP and TPD insurers.

We have a vast knowledge of the various types of claims and procedures from Statutory to Common Law level. Having worked with one of the largest workers’ compensation insurers in Queensland for 13 consecutive years we are proud of the fact we are highly recognised for providing quality evidence and consistent results.

On numerous occasions our successful outcomes have assisted in the prosecution of certain individuals and resulted in claims being withdrawn or ceased.

Stock loss, Theft, Fraud, Copyright and Intellectual Property matters
All of the above can greatly affect the operation of any business. Our company is experienced in relation to all these situations and have various processes and investigative methods in place to assist our clients.
Conducting or performing work behinds on staff

Staff members such as Sales Personnel, Field Technicians, Drivers and even Managers who have the luxury of a company vehicle can at times abuse their positions and the trust of their employer/s. By conducting a work behind or in other words “surveillance” to compare with diary entries, client visits, driver manifests and time spent on jobs in the field can often produce results which would be to the detriment of the particular staff member.

Some investigations have shown trusted staff abusing their positions and working less than half the expected hours in the same week, attending hotels or betting/gambling facilities on a regular basis or spending the majority of their time at family or friends homes. We have even seen staff working for a competitor unknown to their employer.

All marital, private and corporate matters
Be it a suspected affair, infidelity, any private or corporate related matter, S.I.G. Surveillance and Investigation Group Pty Ltd have the experience and skills to carry out discreet, non obtrusive surveillance or undercover investigations to assist in most situations.
Factual Investigations
We have a number of experienced Investigators whom are more than capable of carrying out factual investigations in relation to insurance, corporate or private related matters.
Witness location
S.I.G. Surveillance and Investigation Group have a high success rate in relation to the location of witnesses and/or individuals who have moved address. Our experience, techniques and data bases/search facilities available all play an important part of confirming a current or possible address of person/s that have skipped.
Covert surveillance, static and mobile surveillance

S.I.G. Surveillance and Investigation Group Pty Ltd specialise in all types of surveillance. Whilst no investigative firm can guarantee results, the experience and background of our Investigators including the equipment and variety of vehicles used only ensures the best possible outcome in most situations.

Highly trained and experienced undercover agents are available if and when required. In extremely delicate situations undercover and female agents can often achieve the best results without arousing any suspicion whatsoever.

GPS Tracking, Logistics
S.I.G Surveillance and Investigation Group Pty Ltd have carried out a number of investigations involving the transport industry, from tracking stock or equipment in transit to following staff and/or drivers to confirm their daily activities against company records or in some cases GPS information.
Business Disputes

Whilst we like to think that all businesses run smoothly, the reality is Owners/Directors encounter problems with staff, contractors and competitors from time to time.

S.I.G. Surveillance and Investigation Group Pty Ltd are able to provide advice and assistance in most situations which can assist in the resolution process.

Staff misappropriation including sick leave

The conduct of certain staff and the abuse of sick leave is often an area which is not investigated by most employers. S.I.G. Surveillance and Investigation Group Pty Ltd have carried out numerous investigations resulting in evidence being obtained often to the shock/amazement of business owners sometimes involving long term trusted employees.

On many occasions our outcomes have led to disciplinary action and in some cases the termination of certain individuals.

Spousal & Teenager activity

Investigating the activities of a spouse and/or teenager is usually carried out to confirm or eliminate any doubts or suspicions in a variety of situations.

Like all matters our company treats this type of investigation as extremely sensitive and take all necessary steps to avoid detection.

Neighbour disputes
In the unfortunate event of a neighbour dispute or suspected illegitimate activities, surveillance can often play an important role in obtaining the required information or evidence to assist Police or relevant Authorities to take further action.
Statement taking
Our Factual Investigators are able to interview and obtain statements on behalf of our clients in all areas from insurance to corporate related matters. When and if required interviews are overtly recorded using high quality digital voice recorders. All recorded interviews are done with the approval of the witness. Copies of recorded interviews are provided to our clients on CD or DVD.
General enquiries
Be it background enquiries, discreet enquiries or general enquiries S.I.G. Surveillance and Investigation Group Pty Ltd offer a service whereby we can make certain enquiries without alerting the Target to our activities.